Lucky Devils

by Rick Vito

“LUCKY DEVILS” is a bluesy collection of original songs with plenty of guitar work as always. The tunes are linked with a mysterious lyrical flavor in such titles as, "MEET ME AT MIDNITE", "LONG BLACK CAR", "VOODOO WOMAN", "RHUMBA DIABLO" and "EXOTICA BY NIGHT". Also included is the classic 1930’s “prison” song, "CARRY IT HOME TO ROSIE.” Many of the same musicians who played on Rick’s first two solo releases appear here again, plus performances by drummer Ian Wallace, saxman Jim Hoke, harmonicist Rick Valenti, and keyboard man Reese Wynans. “LUCKY DEVILS”, is a particlar favorite of the legendary John Mayall, who wrote the following review: “Before he joined Fleetwood Mac, Rick Vito proved himself to be a guitar mainstay in my bands of the 70's & 80's. He not only added his distinctive talents to many a world tour, but to four John mayall albums. Since those days as a sideman, he is at last getting the recognition as a bandleader/bluesman that is long overdue. His new album, Lucky Devils, is a fine collection of mostly self-penned songs that show off his considerable skills as a singer and guitarist of the first rank. I was knocked out by the fiery slide and lead guitar work throughout and by the band, whose strong support on each track, locks in like a well-oiled machine. Check out the funky down-home compositions like Bad Girl Blues, Meet Me at Midnite and World on Fire. Rock to the slick up-tempo grooves behind Let's Get It, Long Black Car and When the Big One Comes and the slinky instrumentals Exotica By Night, Rhumba Diablo and Bayou Goodbye that amply showcase his unique guitar artistry. You are listening to a master of his instrument so sit back and above all, enjoy it all!” John Mayall, October 2001