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"With ‘Mojo on my Side,’ Rick once again shows why he’s one of the most
masterful and innovative slide guitarists. This is a terrific slew of slinky,
soulful new songs perfectly matched to his bluesy vocals.”
Bonnie Raitt

“The wait is always the problem…but the bonus is that Rick Vito will be delivering the REAL GOODS to your door!

Having toured all over this world with Rick (in years gone by with Fleetwood Mac and in recent times for many with our outfit, The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band, of course featuring Rick Vito!), as my friend and front man, I feel able to applaud Rick with my regard for his continuing to push for new musical roads, and yet still have so much respect for the essence and love of blues.

This collection of tracks is pregnant full of a thankful reminder of what I love about Ricks unique style and tone in his guitar playing and his voice! The added joy is this selection of songs heavily features his now legendary skills on slide and also "fretless" guitar!
On this offering Rick has taken the reins, playing most all instrumentation, percussion, keys, bass and other magic touches!

Only Drums and sax were not. Hmmm, I'd better look out over my shoulder if ever I see Rick with a pair of drum sticks!
Amongst so many great tracks, I could not help but remember the title song, "Mojo on My Side." The seeding of this song started from when we were touring a while back and I loved it then and am so glad to see it shinning bright in this collection of new songs from Rick!

Autographed upon request