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One time Fleetwood Mac guitarist Rick Vito hits 2003 With an album that took our breath away from track one. From the opener, Rhythm, it is immediately obvious that Rick is intent on capturing that amazing '30s Big Band sound, a theme that is sprinkled throughout - when you hear Last Chance To Mambo you won't able to keep those hips still - a sound that when done as well as this will never date.
But there's also some superb blues (Baby's In The Big House, the heartfelt tale of a man's love for a woman in prison, will bring a big smile to your face) and a couple of solo tracks that are not just a showcase for his obvious skill, but darn good tunes – you’ll be doing you best to work them out for weeks.
Best Bit? The Django-esque title track. Now where can we get some fingers like those!